One of the most inspiring and informative books 
                              on the art of watercolor painting.

In Watercolor: Simple, Fast, and Focused emphasis is placed 
on "The Big Three"...Simplify, Think and Paint Quickly, and Focus. 
Mel will provide you with a simple explanation of "The Big Three" 
which includes all the essential concepts for mastering the water-
color medium.  Understanding and perfecting the use of these 
elements in your work is interwoven throughout this book. 

Chapters present specific information on equipment, design, value 
pattern, color, painting the figure and portrait, and painting out-
doors.  Let Mel inspire you by teaching you to work simply, quickly, 
and with focus.  You can go beyond technique, increase your 
stature as an artist, and create creditable paintings.

PLEASE NOTE:  After its 5th printing, Watercolor: Simple, Fast, 
and Focused is out of print.  Copies may still be available at 
bookstores or through or

                   THE FIGURE IN WATERCOLOR:  
                    SIMPLE, FAST, AND FOCUSED
                           From sketches to finished painting, 
                   learn to capture the essence of your subject.  

Following the footsteps of Mel's first book, Watercolor: Simple, 
Fast, and Focused is his second book, The Figure In Watercolor:  
Simple, Fast, and Focused, which is in its fourth printing.  
Capturing a figure's unique personality and multi-faceted quality in 
watercolor is challenging, but Mel demonstrates step by step how 
you can capture the figure by painting simply, directly, and with 
intense focus on the "essence" of a person.  You will discover 
tested techniques and hand-on tips for painting portraits, people 
in an environment, groups of people, and painting people from 
photographs.  In addition to drawing and painting the figure, 
chapters present specific information on materials and equipment, 
light and shadow, and treating edges.  You will also find valuable 
advice on design, composition, shape, value, color, and more. 

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Published by Watson-Guptill.  Softcover. 112 pgs.  150 color illustrations.  $19.95.  Available at better bookstores and through and

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