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Check out Mel's 2014 Schedule page and join
Mel on one of his workshops this year!

WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHT!  Join Mel in beautiful
Ontario, Canada for a 4-day workshop at the
end of May.  This workshop will take place in 
the town of Oakville located on Lake Ontario.  
Don't wait on this one... contact the Oakville 
Art Society now to register!  For more info., see
our Spring 2014 and Contact Info. pages.

FIGURE & PORTRAIT CLASS!  Mel will be teach-
ing a 3-day, figure & portrait class in mid-May
in Allendale, New Jersey for the Community 
Arts Association.  All are welcome to attend.  This is the only workshop in 2014 that Mel will be conducting in Bergen County so especially for those who live in the area and who don't want to travel far, this class is for you!  Don't wait to sign up!  For more information, go to our Spring 2014 and Contact Info. pages. 

MORE WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS!  Mel is looking forward to teaching two other workshops in his home state of New Jersey... in addition to his 3-day workshop in Allendale (see above), he will be teaching a 4-day class in early May in beautiful
Cape May and a 1-day summer class in July in Fairfield.  This 1-day class is great for those who have limited free time in the summer.  For more information, go to our
Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 pages and our Contact Info. page.  

SUMMER WORKSHOPS!  Join Mel in beautiful Rockland, Maine in July where he will be conducting a 5-day, outdoor on location workshop for Coastal Maine Art Workshops. Ideal painting sites abound from harbors to seaside villages to lighthouses... a great way to spend a summer holiday!  Mel will then be teaching a 5-day, plein air and studio workshop in the lovely area of Greenville, New York in the beginning of August for Hudson River Valley Art Workshops.  Greenville is situated in the foothills of the beautiful Catskill Mountains.  Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, a quaint bed & breakfast, offers wonderful accommodations.  Mel concludes the summer season with a return visit to Boone, North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains where he will be teaching a 5-day, indoor class for Cheap Joe's Art Stuff. This workshop will take place in Cheap Joe's state-of-the-art studio... always enjoyable, always fun.  Don't wait to register for these workshops!  For more information, go to our Summer 2014 and 
Contact Info. pages.  

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