Walking the Bike in Inisheer

A SUMMER WORKSHOP IN THE BERKSHIRES!  Summer begins with Mel heading to Stockbridge, Massachusetts in June where he will 
be conducting a five-day, outdoor on location workshop for IS183, Art School of the Berkshires, which is situated in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. The quaint village of Stockbridge is a renowned art and cultural center with its many galleries, historic homes, and gardens. A great summer workshop awaits!  See our '16 Contact Info. page to find out how to register. 

NEW WORKSHOP ADDED!  Due to the overwhelming response to Mel's one-day, indoor workshop at the New York Open Center in Manhattan on May 1, another one-day workshop has been added on June 5. The Open Center offers a wide variety of programs ranging from holistic health, yoga, and meditation to photography, music, and arts. This workshop is scheduled on a Sunday, which makes it convenient for those who work during the week.  See our '16 Contact Info. page.  Don't wait to register! 

PAINT IN MAINE THIS SUMMER!  Mel's summer travels will include beautiful Rockland, Maine where he will conduct a five-day, plein air workshop for Coastal Maine Art Workshops in July. Rockland is known for its picturesque waterfront, harbors, seaside villages, and lighthouses all of which make for great painting locations. Its historic Main Street has many galleries and restaurants. Rockland is an ideal summer destination for a watercolor workshop! To find out more and how to register, see our '16 Contact Info. page. 

2017 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE!  Our 2017 schedule is here!  Check it out now... go to our 2017 Schedule page and our Winter 2017
Spring 2017Summer 2017, and Fall 2017 pages.  To find out more about our upcoming workshops including how to register, just go to our '17 Contact Info page.  Check back again for any additional workshops that may be added.  Mel is looking forward to seeing you in 2017!

WE'RE SCHEDULING WORKSHOPS NOW!  If your watercolor society or art group is interested in having Mel conduct a workshop, please feel free to contact us.  

NEWS!  Mel's painting "Siesta in San Miguel" was honored with 
the Southern Watercolor Society Award at the Georgia Watercolor Society's 2016 Exhibition.  He had paintings accepted into the American Watercolor Society's 149th Annual International Exhibition and the 40th National Exhibition of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America.  

The Transparent Watercolor Society of America exhibition will take place at the Kenosha Public Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin from May 7 to August 7.  


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